Customer Insights Made Brilliantly Simple

Transform your customer services by empowering your people with customer insights

Key Benefits & Features

Let customers provide actionable feedback at the click of a button
View meaningful analytics in real-time using our insights dashboard
Embed tags in emails, websites and printable QR codes
Encourage customers to respond frequently and honestly with our friendly emojis
Create accounts at individual and team levels to monitor customer satisfaction throughout
Categorise tags to help organise, understand and encapsulate feedback

How it works

An end to end solution in five simple steps

  • 1
    Create Account
    Contact our support to get setup with a lead account for your organisation
  • 2
    Create Tags
    Head over to the 'My Tags' section and select 'New Tag' . From there you can create a customised tag or use one of the provided templates.
  • 3
    Embed Tags
    Copy the emojis, QR code or text link for your tag and paste it wherever you think customers are most likely to use it, we recommend your email signature as a good starting point. QR codes can be used to link the physical world and the digital world allowing customers to give feedback on a wide variety of goods and services.
  • 4
    Receive Customer Feedback
    Start receiving customer feedback immediately! We recommend waiting for at least 24 hours in order to gather enough data for the analytics to be fruitful, but feel free to monitor the real-time updates in the meantime.
  • 5
    View Insights & Take Action
    Once you have data, use the insights dashboard to understand your customers and teams. The metrics we use will help you to isolate problem areas and grow successful aspects of your organisation
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About Us

Customer Pulse Solutions is an App that has a number of customers now using it. It is clear that in today’s highly competitive market, great customer service is a competitor advantage . Our vision is to enable organisations to transform their customer service by empowering their people with customer insight. Our product is a Cloud based solution with simplicity for customers to provide feedback on an email, embed it into your CRM solution, print off a QR Code to attach to a product, or event enabling rich data insights back to the organisation and its people and through that transform their customer experience.

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Enables performance improvments

Empowers individuals with personal insights

Results in increased customer satisfaction

Strong Foundations

Our team includes industry veterans

Dilip Popat

Dilip has spent over 30 years in director led positions driving business and IT led transformations. Has held senior level positions in  Sainsbuy’s & Microsoft.  Dilip is an avid football & cricket fan.

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Mike Clargo

Mike consults to a number of large international organisations on management and facilitation, including Siemens and Microsoft. He authored the book Meeting by Design, which proposes practical ways of transforming meeting efficiency in both the physical and virtual world, and was based on research into meeting performance across 50 different organisations.

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Gill Naish

Gill has held senior Customer Support & Service positions in Sainsbury’s, Hewlett Packard and the NHS. Most recently at Microsoft as a Business Applications Customer Success Manager.  Gill interests include the gym and nutrition.

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Alan Moss
IT Director

Alan is the technical brains behind Customer Pulse Solutions & Inspirometer. In 2011, Inspirometer pioneered the use of “sentiment metrics”, these enable users to gather quick and easy feedback on their individual interactions and relationships.

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